Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bertuzzi, You Suck! ..... maybe....

     I promised more on Bertuzzi in my last post, so here goes.  I have always been annoyed by players who are seemingly blessed with talent and don't show any hustle or effort.  I'm not talking about the guys who are trying to look cool and nonchalant, although they annoy me too (there's another post for later).  I mean the guys who just seem lazy.
     It is so obvious with Bertuzzi (if you don't know he spends most of the time when he doesn't have the puck just cruising around like he's at a public 
skating session) that he has become a verb in my lexicon and many of the people I have used it on know exactly what I mean.  As in, "hey you, don't Bertuzzi it", used when someone is putting in a half-ass effort on something.
     Now sure, Bertuzzi became a public enemy after the Steve Moore incident, but I was off his bandwagon way before that.  In fact I can forgive him more for that stupid mistake than the rash of stupid penalties he was always taking, especially at crucial moments late in key games.  He drove me crazy long before he drove Steve Moore into a neck brace.  
     So, to sum up, I don't like Bertuzzi.  Wait, stop the presses.  I've softened on Todd recently.  During the play-offs this year (Bertuzzi is now in Calgary), Bert's coach, Mike Keenan, was blowing a gasket late in the game and wanted at the opposing coach.  I mean he was really losing it and was heading towards their bench.  Good old Todd was at the end of the Calgary bench and he put out his big arm and held Keenan back while quietly saying something to him.  The something he said seemed to calm Keenan down enough to keep him from doing something stupid.  I'm guessing it was something along the lines of, "Coach, it ain't worth it."  Anyhow, I liked Bertuzzi at that moment.  I'm now off the Bertuzzi sucks bandwagon.
     I might add though that the name Bertuzzi is one of the best names to speak in anger.

     My brother was in a downtown bar one night having a good time.  He has a very slight resemblance to Bertuzzi.  Some other patron who had probably had a few  beverages yelled across the bar at him, "Hey Bertuzzi, you suck!"  I wish I had been there.


  1. Bertuzzi has also been a sullen and surly bastard. The Barry Bonds of hockey, only with much less talent.

  2. Who's Todd Bertuzzi? (asked in Trudeauesque Biafra mode)

  3. Who is nosrehPcaM yuG ? Ha, xelA.