Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shut-up you Homer!

     Homer fans are annoying.  Yes they are.  Sure they can be cute to watch as they lose all sense of reality and go berserk over a bang-bang play at first that they think the umpire has screwed their team on, but generally speaking they are annoying.  There are a number of examples other than screaming like an idiot over a close call that the other teams homer fan would have been screaming about if it had gone the other way (I hope I didn't lose anybody there).  I admit to borrowing these ideas liberally from recent readings on other blogs, but the inspiration comes from having recently attended a home game of the brand spanking new Victoria Seals baseball team.

     Another way the Homer Fan (henceforth the HF) annoys is with the "WE" factor.  This is when the HF refers to his team as "we".  As in, "we should have taken more three point shots last night".  The HF seems to mistakenly believe he/she is actually part of the team.  

     The HF annoys yet again by adopting into his heart players he couldn't stand if they were playing on another team.  Bertuzzi being a case in point.  I promise more on Bertuzzi in an upcoming blog, so if you don't know who Bertuzzi is stay tuned and if you do then prepare to nod your head in agreement.

     Last summer I spent some time at the Cape and in the Boston area.  Boston is probably has the most per capita homer fans in North America (well I can't really speak for the Mexicans, but in the U.S. and Canada).  They are so okay with homerism that they have a network there called the New England Sports Network that I took to calling the Homer Sports Network.  My god, it was awful.


  1. The worst of all are the (insert sport of choice) parents slash homer fans. I have never seen more obnoxious people in my life, with most of their obnoxiousness being directed at the ref/ump/ who is quite often only a few years older than the screaming maniac's own children. The little guys/gals are doing the best they can, even if they don't know the rule book inside and out like the loud-mouthed parent/HF.

    If I weren't such a mild mannered man, I'd punch those lunatic parent/HF bastards in the mouth. Well, that and I'm afraid of getting beaten up by a soccer mom. You seen the legs on some of these women? I know I couldn't outrun 'em, that's for sure.

  2. I have witnessed this on only a few occasions. These have been when I've dropped in at the hockey rink. Since I'm not a hockey parent, I've been spared it for the most part because the baseball and basketball crowds I've been part of have been mild mannered.

    Where are you seeing these HF parents?

  3. Peewee football, Langford-style. I think a lot of these kids play hockey as well.

  4. How can you be a true fan and not be a "homer"? I stopped watching hockey when the Canucks bowed out to Chicago. I mainly watch soccer to see Man Utd. If they showed Swindon Town or Oxford Utd on TV here I'd watch them too! ( I grew up in that part of England ). Would I watch a Chelsea, Liverpool, or Arsenal game? Yes I would, but I'd cheer for the other team!
    As for parents living their lives vicariously through their children's sports I've seen that ad nauseum, for over 15 years as my athletic children, much more talented than their father, grew up.Many of these parents are kinda pathetic and need to get their own lives, not just be a part of their kids lives!I always will remember my son coming to watch me playing in a Master's soccer tourament in Sidney about 4-5 years ago. We were sitting in the beer garden after and some of my teamates commented on how nice it was of my son to come out and watch. His response, "Well my Dad's easy to watch, he moves real slow." Cheers, xelA.

  5. Well I'm more inclined to cheer for certain players than overall teams, so it's easy for me not to be a homer. I blame that on the influence of Stratomatic baseball.

  6. Xela, you are a passionate supporter of your teams, but you do not qualify as a homer. How do I know? Well I've heard you give a fair assessment of the officiating of games when your team has lost and I've heard you give critical reviews of your team. Homers don't do that. Homers think the refs are awful and to blame for their team's losses and their players can do no wrong.

    As for your being slow, well I must agree with you there. However, for a man of your physique, you are surprisingly agile. Kind of like an alligator, really quick for 30 feet.

  7. LJ, I think you're missing the point of the Homer Sports Network (HSN). When you live in a large city, the HSN is its own community. It's all about being part of a clan.

    I remember my Dad being shell shocked when we moved from Mtl to our little island in the Pacific because no one responded to his calls of: "How about that game last night." There's something fun about sharing sports anecdotes. Whether it's Shakespeare, Manny or the weather, we all like to share common ideas.

    Plus, you need to support your team. - Go Habs!

    Note: a whole day of "Manny doing what Manny does" was a pretty funny concept.
    - the missus