Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's the Scoop on Scoops?

     More on the topic of ice cream tonight.  Might as well milk the topic while I'm on it.  Wouldn't want someone else to get the scoop on me when it comes to ice cream annoyances.  

My youngest son rightly pointed out to me after our weekend ice cream experience that a scoop is not a scoop and this can lead to confusion amongst the ice cream buying populace.  Shame, shame.  How is the customer supposed to get a handle on the ice cream quantity when a scoop is not a scoop.  Now, some ice cream places (mostly gelato or Baskin Robbins) actually mean a scoop when the say a scoop.  And that's a rip-off, which would explain why you don't see many Baskin Robbins around anymore.  You might not recall, but they used to weigh the cone to make sure they were giving just the right amount.  Talk about chintzy.

     So, I'm not complaining that ice cream joints mostly give more than a scoop when you order a scoop (in fact I'd estimate the average to be about three scoops to make a "scoop"), but maybe they should just call it small, medium, and large.  Or one ball of ice cream, two balls or three.  

     Enough about ice cream.  Spring is in the air and the flowers are all in bloom.  You know, I've lived in Victoria all my life.  What is Victoria's most famous attraction?  Why Butchard Gardens of course.  As a life-long Victorian, certainly I've been to Butchard Gardens. 
It only took till I was twenty-two to go the first time and that was because a friend of a friend was visiting from Quebec and wanted to see it.  Awww, flowers.  Who needs them.


  1. I've only lived in Victoria since 1978, a measly 31 years, but I'm proud to say I've NEVER been to Butchard Gardens. You wanna see flowers? Go for a walk through the Uplands.

  2. So Little Jackie Showers, does this mean you don't participate in the annual flower count?

  3. Learn to spell, teacher, it's Butcharts!I had the most incredible cheesecake soft ice-cream in the Seattle Zoo yesterday! See you tomorrow, xelA.

  4. Butchart. Singular.