Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of Stir Sticks and the Hockey Variety

Hello.  I am cautiously typing out the first sentences of my first blog post.  Why am I doing this?  Peer pressure.  Nevertheless I'll give it a whirl.  This may be a complete waste of your time and mine, but then again so is a lot of stuff on the internet.

     I want to comment on stir sticks.  You know, the kind you use in your coffee at a coffee shop.  First off, a stir stick should be made of wood, not plastic.  It's more aesthetically appealing and you never know what the melting molecules of plastic do once they get into your body.  So shame on all you plastic stir stick coffee shops.  Get busy and cut down some trees.
     Secondly is the container that holds the stir sticks.  You've got your horizontally held stir sticks and your vertically held ones.  Big difference.  How so?  With the horizontal ones people before you can accidentally touch anywhere along the stir stick that you end up taking.  It's like they're sticking their fingers right in your coffee.  Now the vertical ones get touched to, but only on the top end that you're going to hold in your hand and not put in your coffee.  How hard is it to put the sticks in a vertical container.  Am I wrong?

     Speaking of wooden sticks, that reminds me of the time...

     When I was a young child of I'd say about 6 or 7, I was an absolutely huge fan of hockey legend Bobby Orr.  My neighbours and I would play hockey out in the back lane for hours at a time and one day my parents bought me a "Bobby Orr" hockey stick.  I was so excited.
     I took my beautiful wood stick, with Bobby Orr written in black letters down the shaft, out to play with my friends.  I was so proud.  I wound up to take my first shot with my new treasure and crack, the stick broke in two at the end of the shaft.  I was devastated.