Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's Be Sensible with the Parking

     Okay, here is something that has bugged me for a long time and will probably get me in trouble with some people.  Handicapped parking.  No, I don't find the concept of handicapped parking annoying, but I do find the way it is put into practice to be terribly frustrating.  

     Now to be clear, there are places where such spaces make sense.  My local grocery store has a few spots up close and that makes plenty of sense.  However, sometimes it is silly.  There's a rec centre in town that because of its large parking lot (at least I surmise that there is some kind of ratio rule) has ten handicap spots.  They are all together and they are almost always empty.  And to top it off they are a long walk from the door.  That's right, because the closest spots to the front door are around the side of the building.  Anyone who can make it to the door from those spots can make it from anywhere in the parking lot.

     Have I ever told you about the time I backed out of the garage as a teenager with the car door open.  Almost took the darn thing off.  Then a few months later I did it again.  Cost quite a bit to fix it.  Now that was truly a handicapped parking space.


  1. Only in Oak Bay- Victoria would there be 10 handicap spots at a rec' centre! Out where the real people live we have a couple of spaces closest to the centre and that's it! Proud to be a "Langford Man", xelA.

  2. Do you get a spot for being dyslexic, xelA?

  3. No, I usually park in the spot labelled "yuG", ha, xelA.