Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hanging Ten Ain't Always Groovy

Alright, the people are clamoring for more from Little Jackie Showers and I am not one to disappoint the people.  So let's see what's annoying me today...

Overconfident pedestrians.  That's what.  Why is it necessary, preferred, or habit that when people are waiting at a corner for the walk sign to come on that they do so with their toes virtually hanging ten off the sidewalk?  Is it some kind of race?  Step back from the curb and relax and maybe you won't get clipped by that car turning the corner.  I wonder how many hospital visits are made each year by pedestrians getting their toes run over as they wait at the crosswalk.  Me, when I'm a pedestrian I treat it like the cars are all just waiting for the chance to run me down.

That reminds me of the time...

My friend was driving the mean streets of Vancouver and I was in the passenger seat.  We were cruising along and up ahead a couple was on a crosswalk.  They were all in black, so we didn't see them until they stepped in front of our headlights and by then we were getting pretty close so a fairly hard breaking was required.  I rolled down the window to politely inform the black clad pedestrians that they were hard to see.  I was informed that it was a crosswalk.  I tried to explain that this did not make it easier to see them, but it fell on deaf ears.  I think it was at about this point that I got a little less polite.

Of course my friend should have been cautious with the crosswalk upcoming, but as a pedestrian the consequences of a driver not stopping for you are rather negative.  It might not be a good idea to get too cocky out there.


  1. I bike past these stationary sidewalk surfers daily, but let's not forget their eqaully baffling kindred:
    - The No-Waver, who fails utterly to acknowledge your law-abiding actions when you halt to let them use the crosswalk
    - The Ignorance-Is-Bliss Optimist, who gamely steps out into the void at a no-crosswalk intersection without so much of a glance to see what death awaits them
    - The Perpetual Hoverer, who can't grasp the concept that if three separate cars have stopped to let them across the road, maybe they should move away from the crosswalk while they daydream.

    I won't even go into their distant relatives, who are performing equally mystifying concept-art pieces as they attempt to drive cars or ride bikes.

  2. Throw caution to the wind Jack.Lean into the crosswalk. I personally think you would look good as the hood ornament on one of those big " man trucks "! Oh by the way old chap, pass me a slice of your toast and marmalade.
    Cheers, xelA.

  3. Oh, don't get me started on cocky pedestrians. They are arrogant. Just be considerate, whether you're walking or driving. It's simple.

    But that Vancouver friend of yours sounds like an asshole.

  4. I don't get upset when people don't wave when I stop at a cross walk. However I do get upset when I let a bus in and the driver doesn't wave - even though apparently it is the law for them to let me in. I think the hand with the message that says thanks for the break - its the law (or something like that) sets my expectations too high.

    I think your Vancouver friend sounds hot. I want to meet him.