Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wi-Fi? Wi not?!!

Here I sit in the lobby of the palatial Tantalus lodge in Whistler using my blog mentor Guy's laptop. I could be up in his spacious suite, but no, I have to sit in the lobby and watch half naked chubby guys on their way to the pool.

I am surrounded by other lost souls on their laptops. Why? Because the Tantalus, like other high end hotels, is not prepared to have free Wi-Fi in the rooms. Motel 6 does, but not the mighty Tantalus or any other Whistler hotel for that matter. Guy and I are at a loss to explain this behaviour other than as a cash grab. But ten bucks is ten bucks, so here we sit in the lobby of the Tantalus.

I have endured the visit to this lobby because I did not want to break my promise to you my faithful readers that I would post on Wednesdays and Sundays. Guy is here with me now, just sick to his stomach over this issue. A dog just walked through the lobby causing even more stress for him on what is supposed to a stress-free Whistler vacation ruined by no free Wi-Fi.

Story time my bloglodites...

Have I ever told you the story of how Guy and I met. This was long before Wi-Fi or blogs. We met when we were both pre-schoolers. Guy lived across the street from the end of the lane at the back of my house. I was allowed to go up and down the lane, but not cross any streets. I walked down to the bottom of the lane (at three years old I'm on my own in a lane and 50 metres from my house at the intersection with a street – those were the days) and there across the street was Guy.

We chatted, about what I don't recall but I'm sure Guy was probably trying to educate me on something. Guy too had a rule about not crossing the street. Guy even then had a different understanding of the term 'rule' than me. He crossed the street. As he says to me now, "I didn't have a rule, but my mom did."


  1. This brings to mind that inversely-proportional rule about wealth/cheapness. Way back when I worked as a teller at the credit union, it was always the richest members who groused the most about that .50 service charge. I used to think that it was BECAUSE they noticed every "missing" fifty cents that they were rich, but then I realized that no, they were just obnoxious and cheap. And then I realized that maybe I wasn't cut out for working with the public.

    However, I am intrigued whether you took advantage of the 'services' that the Tantalus DID have to offer, according to their website: "complimentary bike storage, tuning station and bike wash". What the hell is a tuning station? If it doesn't have to do with music, I'm not interested. And a bike wash? Seriously. Aren't they laying on that whole Whistler outdoorsy thing a little thick? If you're a guest who (gasp!) didn't bring a bike, will they comp you car/clothes/body wash in lieu?

  2. Lisa, according to the research I read back in the day (read "when bell bottoms were cool") rich folks are also far more likely to buy generic no-name brand food items than are middle class people, who are much more concerned about appearances, apparently, than thrift.

    To paraphrase another maxim re: youth, wealth is wasted on the rich.

  3. Hey, Jack, have I ever mentioned to you that Portland has free wifi for all of the downtown? It's true! And it's just one of the many awesome attributes of Portland. Portland is the greatest city in all of these United States and Canada. Checkout Voodoo Donuts!

    Lisa, loved your anecdote about your time slaving at the credit union. It was real, baby. It touched me in places I've never been touched before. But explain this, oh wise one, I grouse a lot - especially about service charges, goddammit - yet I would be what you call extremely not rich.

  4. Lisa, a tuning station is a station where you can tune stuff.