Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leave David Hahn alone!

Well my friends, my B.C. Ferries poll (on the right) is closing in a few hours and finally someone has chosen the third option that the ferries are a rip-off.  I thought that might win.   My blog mentor tells me I've painted myself into a corner by making this about annoyances, but I'm doubling my material by including things that annoy others but not me. Personally I'm a fan of our ferry system.  I love taking the ferry. 

I don't mind the waiting as it is excellent time to kick back and read as is the ferry ride itself. And for most of the voyage it is quite scenic.  The food seems decent to me.  There is always a line-up and you don't see people bringing on brown bag lunches.  Our boats are very comfortable, especially if the boat is only half full.  In fact I'd argue that we're spending too much on making the boats all fancy and stuff.  Take a Washington State ferry and you'll know what I mean.  Just the basics on there and no line-ups for the food either.  In fact you might want to stick to the vending machines if you're ever on one.

As for price, well it does seem our ferries are on the steep side.  Of course I really don't have much to compare with.  Anyone?  

My best ferry anecdote, other than the one I already told about Jack Webster (see the March 11th entry), is the following.  I was on the upper deck of one of the smaller Vancouver/Victoria ferries.  It has a small lounge area and then two bathrooms.  One for the men and one for the ladies.  I must have gotten distracted on my way to the bathrooms as I went into the wrong one.  And no, I didn't notice right away either.

I was minding my own business in the stall when I got this sense that something wasn't quite right.  I was trying to put my finger on it when it occurred to me that I had not seen a urinal on the way into the stall.  I finished my job and exited the stall and confirmed that there were no urinals.  Thankfully there were no people either as I beat a hasty retreat.  No arrests were made.


  1. Finally, someone else who admits wandering into the wrong washroom on the ferry! I've done it at least three times (always in deserted washrooms, thankfully). It seems I only figure it out while washing hands, looking at the urinals, and thinking, who the heck installed these in the ladies?!?!
    Incidentally, I once discovered I was in the wrong washroom at Henderson Rec Centre by noticing that there were VERY big feet under the stall next to me, pointing the wrong way. Took me a few to sort out that one. And when we both emerged from the stalls at the same time, it turned out to be my fellow running clinic attendee Carl, who insisted that we exit the washroom at different times. What a gentleman....

  2. I love the Washington State Ferries: no frills, lots of table to play cards. Who needs food anyway? Or perhaps I'm just remembering a stale giant pretzel experience on the Coho?