Friday, September 23, 2011

Jack is Back!!!!

Hello any loyal readers who have wandered back to my blog that has been in an extended hibernation. What, you may be asking yourself, has finally compelled Little Jackie Showers to once again share his frustrations with the less than perfect thing we call civilization? I'll get to that soon enough, but first let us celebrate the return of "Jack".

This summer I read that in 2010 the name Jack made it into the number 20 slot of most popular baby names for boys born last year here in British Columbia. Who could have foretold of this wonderful event? The long dead name of Jack is back. Of course for me it has been a bit confusing to have youngsters with the name Jack because I have long known that when I hear the name Jack spoken that someone is talking to me (as there are virtually no occasions except around my Uncle Jack when there are any other Jacks around with the one other exception years back of a friend who made the unfortunate choice of obtaining an ill behaved dog named Jack and I had to suffer with hearing my name yelled in a scolding voice only to realize soon after cowering that it was being directed at the dog and not me.), but in this new era of "Jack is Back" I turn to see who is saying my name only to see some young tyke being spoken to by his parent.

Meanwhile back at the annoyances department I must have a word with all the men and perhaps young Jacks our there. Women you may stop reading now. You see men, I have a concern with the state some of you are leaving public washrooms in after you do your business. Specifically some of you are keeping the toilet seat down (certainly an unmanly thing to do by the way) and then leaving the evidence of your poor aiming skills on said seat. It's one thing to miss, but it's a totally unforgivable thing to not clean it up. It is behaviours like this that you wouldn't do in your own homes (or maybe I'm assuming too much there) but you figure it is okay to do when it doesn't affect you personally that lead to the demise of civilized society. That might be overstating things but the frequency with which I am faced with this annoyance is frankly pissing me off.


  1. I have missed you Jack. I was actually cleaning up my favorites list and had you not posted today, you would have been deleted forever.

    Jack is back!!

  2. Was the name Jack ever a real name? Seems it was always a nickname rather than a given name, an equal-lengthed short form of John. Parents these days are giving short forms as real names, like Jack, Lucy, etc. It's not right.

    You took some time off? Hmm. Didn't notice.

  3. Good to have you back! I also have had the same name experience with "Alex". In fact I had never come in close contact with someone with the same name until I was in Graduate School!Your annoyance is disgusting and becoming more prevalent. God only knows what these men's homes look like? Cheers, xelA.

  4. My world (high school) is lousy with Alex's of both genders. I even have a Jack this year. Jacob/Jake is making a resurgence as well.

    Thankfully, the Brittany/Britney/Tiffany era is rapidly passing us by.

  5. This year's novelty names (never taught/seen before in real life):


    Oh, and I must correct myself. I teach two Jack's this year. I guess it really is a happening name.

  6. My dad is a Jack, not a John - and he's 77. So either my grandma was way ahead of the curve, or Jack is a "real" name.

    Skylar is just sad, especially since it appears to be replacing the equally awful Skyler. But I like Delicia --it's my favourite type of pizza!