Monday, October 10, 2011

Shhh... I'm trying to listen to your friend sing!

Okay, this annoyance is a common complaint of the people, but for some reason it isn't getting any better. People talking in the audience during a performance. Now I know there is some talk out there that this is a generational thing and that younger people don't have proper audience manners. Not sure about that, but in my latest run-in with talking audience members it was not a young person. In fact it would be fairer to describe this person as old rather than young.

I was attending a concert fundraiser and had paid $25 to see my son's high school R&B band play as one of three acts in the event. The first act was a local amateur gospel choir. They were putting on a pretty good show, but two women sitting in the row in front of me had periodic loud conversations through the second half of the choir's performance. It was very distracting. Then to my surprise when the choir finished these two women got up and left. Clearly they were there only to see the choir and were not interested in the other acts. Apparently they weren't really interested in listening to the choir either as they spent at least half the time listening to each other. What's up with that?


  1. Putting in an appearance. I see it all the time at high school sporting events. Parents who show up to watch their littluns play, and spend the whole time yakking with other 'rents rather than actually watching the game. They know that fingers would wag if they didn't make an appearance, but they really don't have any interest in the event. They just don't wanna look like bad parents by not attending.

    Ironically, they end up looking like both bad parents and bad sports when they do show.

  2. Did you change the title of your blog? xelA.

  3. Hey Mr. Showers long time no see. Let's see how good your memory is... I am Cariboo alumni 1994, I used to chat with you a lot, I was one of the biggest guys in the school, Italian, played rugby and wrestled and shot put. You helped this guy out a lot when he was frustrated as a teen and he has never forgotten it. The main reason I posted here was to regain contact with you if you wish and to let you know I heard that Mr. Larochelle passed away on the 5th of January, 2012. If you are going to the service can you please extend my condolences and let them know that at least one student remembers him fondly and appreciated the fair manner he treated me in during a time of crisis. If you have not figured out who this is I can't believe it because I was a thorn in your side lol! This is Gino.

  4. lol i forgot my name would appear at the beginning, silly me.

    1. Hi Gino,

      Sorry to be slow to reply, but I haven't been checking in lately. The Jack Showers you are writing to above is actually my uncle. I will let him know that you've made a posting on my blog and he should be able to find it.

      Jack Showers Jr.