Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog Poop Ain't All That's Crap

Hello again my little bloglodites. Alert reader, Lisa, correctly points out that dog owners sometimes leave their dog's crap behind instead of stopping to pick it up. Curious that this, like a number of dog related issues, is actually something that has changed over time. Used to be that nobody picked up the poop back when I was young. Or at least that's how I remember it. Am I right? At least now the person who doesn't scoop the poop is the exception. And I pity the fool who tries this around our vigilante hero, Guy, who is wiping out this kind of crime one dog owner at a time.

My take on this issue is that while I would prefer to not have to worry about "land mines" at any time, I especially take umbrage when the deposit is left in an area where people will be running around. If a dog poops on the boulevard that's annoying, but when people let their dogs crap on a sports field or a children's playground or school yard, well that's just plain irresponsible, rude, and unfair.

Digressing into an anecdote for a moment, back in Little League tryouts when I was a kid, I picked up a grounder that went right through some poop. I knew that ball was covered in the stuff, but I was being graded for the tryouts so I just threw it back. Don't know if that helped my score or not, but now there was poop not just on my glove but on one of the coach's gloves as well. I figured the evaluators watching would be impressed with my concentration.

While I'm pointing out irresponsible behaviour, here is another obvious one that is damn annoying and many others have taken umbrage at I'm sure. It's the leaving of furniture on the boulevard. This can be just as unpleasant and certainly more unsightly than some dog poop. C'mon people, don't be leaving your crap lying around for the rest of us to deal with!!


  1. I have also noticed that poop-scooping has improved significantly over the years, partly due to guys like, well, Guy, who shame the poopaphobes into either sheepishly stooping to scoop, or at least admitting that they've been sniffed out, so to speak.

    Agreed re: crappy furniture being left on the curb as "awesome free stuff". One man's trash is another man's...trash. And in our wet climate? Once we've had one good rainstorm, who is going to drag home a soggy, stained, moth-eaten piece of junk?

    Signed, Alert Reader

  2. By the way: picking up and throwing the poop-covered ball? Wow, that is commitment. I hope your coach was impressed--and not easily grossed out.

  3. Jack involved in a shitty play? xelA.

  4. A month with no annoyances or anecdotes? You need to say something, Guy! Cheers, xelA. Oh Jack a possible topic. Drunken behaviour at staff parties?

  5. What have we here? Another blog that went kerplunk?