Saturday, July 17, 2010


I enjoyed one of the planet's greatest culinary inventions today. Mini-Donuts! Why aren't these delights more readily available is what I'm wondering. Heck, what other food has both the entertainment of the mini-donut machine as the donuts are being made and then the yummy taste of the fresh hot confectionary delight that is mini-donuts. I cannot stress this enough. Mini-Donuts are awesome.

This got me thinking about other products that are not available in sufficient numbers in keeping with their tastiness. I mean, french fries are everywhere and in most cases they aren't very good french fries. Same with hot dogs, burgers, and pizza. Yet, mini-donuts are only available in very special locations. What else are we missing out on?

Have you ever tried lime cookies? Have you had them often? Exactly! What's up with that? They are delicious yet you can't buy them anywhere. Pssst... I recently found some in Costco. How about good quality tea. We've had tea for centuries. You can buy good coffee in the grocery store, but the tea bags, well they are the equivalent of frozen french fries instead of fresh cut and deep fried potatoes.

Do you know they make Pineapple Crush in Hawaii, but not here. I mean it's artificial flavour isn't it and even if it's not, we get the pineapples here fresh or in cans so why can't we get it as a carbonated beverage? Let me assure you it is quite tasty. And what's the deal on fudge? Why is it mostly available in tacky tourist locations? It's pretty good stuff. Why is there no fudge display in the candy isle at the grocery store? Why doesn't fudge rate, but chocolate bars, jelly beans, and licorice do?


  1. Yummmm! I can expect more "Silk Road" loose tea! Japanese cherry will do!

  2. I tried a delicious alcoholic beverage tonight: Palm Bay vodka cooler. Flavour?: Pineapple. What are the odds?

    Conversation also turned to your blog. The belief was that you're phasing it out because your posts are so infrequent.

  3. Hey, I'm up to three already in July. I need topics. Anyone got something bugging them?

  4. Eat too many of them mini-donuts and you'll have a pumpkin like me!If you want good tea you have to buy it loose, and in a sealed container. My parents reckon the tea in teabags is made from what they sweep up of the floor after they have packaged the good tea? As for the girlie pineapple coolers,Palm Bay, I've had them and thought they were great, as did my three bro-in-laws. We had them for breakfast with our bacon, eggs, etc,for breakfast on my last fishing trip. The brother in-law cooking thought they were juice!I've never had lime cookies? But, lime key pie, wow! Especially if you are somewhere on the Key's in Florida! Fudge is great, but only in small portions, maybe that's the reason? As for suggesting topics? It's your blog, isn't my part to respond to your annoyances and anecdotes? Cheers, xelA

  5. Fudge is awesome, one of my favorite treats. However in my opinion fudge is really, really hard to do well, most places, even the fudge only place on Granville Island, do a terrible job. Grainy, gritty, over-sweet garbage. It's also expensive and has a short best before date. I think that's why you don't see it as much.