Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buildings Deserve Better

Recently I was in a shopping plaza that included some "Tuscany" style condominiums. I was just thinking that it seemed a bit silly to design a place to look like a place in another part of the world when I took a closer look and noticed that the balconies were not balconies at all. They were just railings in front of windows. There wasn't even room to put a potted plant.

This got me thinking how silly it is to have a decorative balcony. I bet the people in Tuscany wouldn't put up with such crap. If you're not going to build the balcony then put something else there, who needs a fake balcony? In fact let me go on the record as being against anything fake for decorative purposes. The other chief offender I can think of is shutters (sorry Mom). Why do houses have fake shutters? It's been a long time since anyone actually used real shutters in this neck of the woods, so why do so many houses have fake shutters? Ridiculous.

I encourage you the reader to add to this short list of two such offences.


  1. Anonymous CashierJuly 29, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    You would be quite surprised by some of the finishing jobs done in Europe. I mean the majority of the places had the real deal, but many had their trim, etc just painted on to the buildings to make it look like they were there. From a distance they looked quite real, but when you got up close you would realize it was just a really good paint job.

  2. This doesn't only apply to buildings... No! Car manufacturers put fake spoilers, mufflers that make the engine sound bigger, and what's with the flames on the hood?? Is this supposed to make your car look so fast that it's on fire? I mean, REALLY?? c-mon...
    It's like fruit juice that "may contain 2.76% real juice"
    I'm with you on this Jack.