Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skiing - You're Never too Old to Start!

Hey folks, welcome to the New Year and new possibilities. On the blogging front I will make no predictions nor set any public goals. I just hope that I can reduce the speed of the downhill trend from 52 entries in 2009 to 44 in 2010. Continuing that descent would lead to 36 in 2011. That would be three a month. Seems doable. Not that I'm promising or setting goals or any such thing. On with the blog...

I was skiing just before the highly anticipated New Year's Eve and got to thinking about the first time I ever skied. I was 12 or 13 and I went with my aunt, uncle, mother, brother and grandmother. Not the grandmother who has banging pots in the previous entry, but my other grandmother. Although I'm pretty sure Granny, as we called her, was a mean pot banger in her own right, she had never skied before the day we all went up to "Forbidden Plateau". Her first day of skiing was at the age of 59. She strapped on the boards with the rest of us beginners and spent a day on the bunny hill. That was here first and only day of skiing and it was, as far as I know, injury free. She crossed it off her list and moved on.

So this means that for most of my readers who haven't tried skiing yet, that it's not too late to start. Even for you, Dan. I think.


  1. 59, eh? I might just hold out til I'm 60, just so's I can beat Granny's mark.

    Did Granny have anything else on her bucket list that she attended to later in life?

  2. You, too, Dan? I've never skied, either. No plans on starting. Too much gear to get into and get out of. And for what? To go downhill in the snow.

  3. Agreed. However, I did like tobogganing, sledding and tubing, back when I was a kid. Waaaaaay back.