Thursday, January 20, 2011

Consider the Pansy

Why is the pansy the flower that is singled out as the metaphor for wimpiness? As in, "Don't be such a pansy and get out there and deal with that unruly mob." Lacking any awareness of the flower world I really couldn't have told you what flower is a pansy until a couple of years ago. When I learned what a pansy is, I was shocked.

The pansy you see is an ornamental flower that is often used by people and our local governments in the winter. Outdoors!! The pansy is a tough little son of a bitch. It's the Clint Eastwood of flowers. So you see, the pansy is no Pansy!


  1. Is this an annoyance, an anecdote, or a pansy blog? It is interesting how many female names relate to flowers and are usually considered very nice names too. Yet the only male one, used in a derogatory manner, is pansy? xelA.

  2. The pansy is actually a pretty wimpy specimen. A delicate flower, as it were. First sign of cold/rain/wind and it crumples and folds like a cheap suit. Petunias aren't much tougher. Your balmy Victoria climate must be kinder to them than the 8 months of rain we get in Vancouver. What a difference 70km makes!

    They are very pretty, I'll give them that--but they're too high-maintenance for me. I'll stick with daisies, phlox, verbena, and bee balm. Less wilt, more (sturdily) built.