Monday, September 6, 2010

Who's Your Mama?

During my trip south of the border this summer in the good ole US of A, I commented on the little differences between our two countries. One more difference I noticed but failed to pass along was with regards to the fast food chain, A&W. Our visit to the A&W in Oregon put us on familiar ground as the American establishment was pretty much the same as what we’d find in Canada, except for one glaring difference.

In Canada, A&W bills itself as “The Home of the Burger Family”. There is the Papa Burger, the Mama Burger, the Grandpa Burger, the Teen Burger, the recently introduced Uncle Burger, the Baby Burger and the Mozza Burger. I remember when my Mozza and I used to go for walks together on the beach, but I digress.

In the U.S., the home of family values, the only such burger on the menu was the Papa Burger. No mamas, teens, or grandpas. The other burgers had names like the bacon cheeseburger. What’s up with that? Why keep the Papa, but dump the rest of the family?

Good news is that no matter what side of the border you are on, you can get you’re A&W root beer in a frosty cold glass mug. How awesome is that?


  1. Jack

    I'm surprised your experience at A&W down south was so similar to the Canadian experience. I did some research at one point, for investment purposes, and found out that they are two entirely different companies which merely share some branding. I'm not sure how that arrangement happened, but it means that despite the brown and orange and the root beer, they are two different restaurant chains.

    Incidently, the AW.UN income fund has done quite well. It has risen steadily from $13.80 to $18.30 per unit over the last 12 months and pays $1.47 a year (8%). I like to think that my loyalty to the Teen Burger has helped fuel some of that growth.


  2. Yikes in Oregon, on the coast, and you went to an A&W rather than the "Pig 'n' Pancake" ? Shame on you Jack! Must admit I do enjoy a root beer, there! Cheers, xelA.