Sunday, September 26, 2010

Safety Fast!

This summer I had the obligation to ride an ATV around the dunes of Oregon. This was not an activity that I would choose to do, but I did not want to rob my teenage son of the joys of riding around the dunes and he required my presence to be allowed to ride. So ride I did. Yee haw!

In addition to needing my adult presence, there was also a requirement that we listen to a safety presentation. This safety presentation consisted of a five minute video and some additional information explained to us in person. We also had to read a sheet of information. This five minute video had enough information for about a twenty minute lecture and was delivered with breakneck speed. It was comical really. Clearly the intent was to meet the requirement of delivering the safety information. Whether we were able to take it in or not was not much of a concern.

My son and I survived our experience in the dunes that day with our bodies and manhood in tact. Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration on the latter point. Safety first after all.


  1. Perhaps I'm missing the point, but aren't these safety chats always something you have to go through before the risk-taking fun begins? The shorter they are the better! No coming back and complaining if you get hurt though. If it looks that bad don't do it. xelA.

  2. The point is that to some extent they are pointless. Especially if delivered in such a breakneck fashion. Less is more.

  3. They are pointless, that's why less is better, especially at breakneck speed. You went to this activity to take a risk, whether it be bungi-jumping, white water rafting, or ATVing. You know it's risky going there, so why do you need to be told? Quickly learn what to do if you get in trouble and leave it at that. The rest of this crap is just the result of our societies need to not be responsible for our actions. For example, "I skied out of bounds, but no signs told me it was dangerous!" Give me a break! xelA.