Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Glad We Can Get Back to the Weather

Attention cashiers, yeah I'm talking to you again. Do we have to do the "have you finished all of your Christmas shopping" dance for the three weeks leading up to Christmas? This is only slightly less annoying than asking me what I'm doing for the weekend. Okay it is quite a bit less annoying than that, but still...

To be fair it is not just the cashiers, it might even be YOU! Do we have to treat Christmas shopping as if it is some horrendous task and all share our war stories. Oh the horror. I think you all know what I mean, even those of you who so innocently partake in this tradition of the festive season.

I like Christmas shopping. I don't see it as some chore that I'm dreading and can't wait to finish, but I usually don't start until real late. This makes the question "are you finished your Christmas shopping?", or its close cousin, "are you ready for Christmas?" rather amusing, especially when people start asking it two weeks before I even start to shop or get ready. I prefer the two day all out blitz just before Christmas. I go armed with my list and a wad of cash and get it done. And no, I don't want to be giving out no updates as I go.

My New Year's resolution is to do 52 blog posts this year. So keep me honest. Yikes, I just noticed that's how many I did last year. Here's to not backsliding.


  1. Just tell 'em you're Jewish next time the question is hurled in your direction. It really throws the questioner off the scent.

  2. I am pretty sure I didn't say that when I ran into you at Costco did I? Cause what I was thinking was... "Jack! So good to run into you out here! Want to hop next door and have a beer?" But I was chauffering Jenn so kept mum.

  3. Christmas is a secular holiday, Dan. Sure, some Jews don't celebrate it, but I know some that do. Just as some atheists do. It can be a Christian holiday if you want it to be, but it doesn't have to be.

    As for the question, just have a stock answer down pat, whether it's "I'm Jewish" (for comedic effect only to make the person squeam from embarrassment) or "I'll worry about that on Christmas Eve". It's no worse a question that "How are you?" Nobody really gives a real answer. Just say "fine" and move along.

    So can we expect a weekly blog post on a specific day? If not, can you at least give us Facebookers a heads-up? I didn't even see this one until today, two days after the fact.

  4. Guy, as you may have intuited, my response was intended to be a joke.

    But Christmas is secular? That must be a bit of a shock to all the Christians out there.

    Perhaps a better term might be "bi-partisan" or some such thing, as BOTH Christians and non-Christians celebrate it. Though why non-Christians would continue to use the Christian term for the holiday, I have no idea. Winter Solstice, sure. Festivus for the restivus? Definitely. But why continue to perpetuate the Christian birth myth by using the religious term for Christ Mass?

  5. It's all a humbug!xelA

  6. You guys would enjoy Festivus, especially the part where you get to air your grievances. Not sure how you'd fair on the feats of strength.

  7. If you did your Christmas shopping earlier, you would remember to show up to Christmas parties!

    Rob Martin

  8. It will be great to watch So You Think You Can Dance?, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.