Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here in Canada we are going through one of our favourite seasons. It is Roll Up the Rim to Win time. The iconic Canadian coffee shop, Tim Horton's, is doing their 25th annual contest in which customers can unroll the rim of their paper coffee cup (after drinking the coffee works best I find) and win fabulous prizes. This year I have won three coffees and two "donuts" to date.

I'm keen on this marketing gimmick, but I do have a bone to pick with Tim Horton's. If you order in or bring your own coffee cup then one of two things happens. Either you don't get a cup and don't get to roll up to win (which is clearly unfair or at least biased heavily in favour of people who like paper cups over ceramic mugs) or they give you an empty paper cup along with your non-paper cup so you can roll the rim (which is clearly wasteful). It would seem that there must be a simple solution to this and you'd think after 25 years someone at Tim Horton's would have come up with a way to give us a little Roll Up the Rim game piece without having to give us an empty cup.


  1. I wonder, am I the only person in Canada who has never drank a Tim Horton's coffee? And, obviously never "rolled up the rim"! Oh to have invested in Tim's or Starbucks 20 years ago. Am I also the only person who still makes coffee at home? Starbucks I must admit.Wouldn't everyone be a winner if they just lowered the cost of everything 10 cents during the "roll up" time? Nice to see another post, Jack. Cheers, xelA.

  2. Am I the only person who comments on Jack's blog's? xelA.