Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Less Zoom-Zoom

While we're on the topic of vehicle safety, here's something that bugs me. Advertisements for cars that focus completely on how fast and racy the car is. Like we should be driving super fast in our cars.

We don't need to go any faster in our cars than a run of the mill car can go. Maybe you want a car that's a little more sporty than that, but the cars are being promoted as capable of unnecessary feats of speed. Then out on the roads you've got people racing along in an unsafe manner. Of course, as I've said before a lot of these people aren't in the "fast" cars, but in their SUV tanks that seem to give them a sense of invulnerability similar to NFL players who lead with their helmets.

According to a study by Transport Canada: "The number of victims killed and injured in speeding crashes is comparable to the number of victims from alcohol-related crashes. Drinking and driving is widely viewed as socially unacceptable, thanks to enforcement and public education. Considering the magnitude of the speeding problem, endangering road users by driving too fast deserves the same stigma as drunk driving."

So, at the risk of being an old geezer, I encourage you all to chill out and take your time.


  1. and while they are slowing down, perhaps they could also start using turn signals again. Turn signals seems to have become optional. And changing lanes seems to have become "barge on in and cut off someone without signaling" instead of "signal and wait your freaking turn" (also known as yielding, which seems to have become uncool these days)

    Sue "what is the female equivalent to geezer" Loney

  2. Yes, Loney! Ooh, how I hate the no-signal brigade. Where are the cops on this?