Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lay Off The Beiber

I vote for laying off Justin Beiber. You see it's not his fault that he's overrated. He's merely taking advantage of the poor judgement of one large sector of society. Same as Hannah Montana. The way I figure it these celebrities have done nothing wrong. All criticism goes to the people who think they are more talented than they are, not the celebrities themselves. What would you have them do? Call a press conference to admit that they aren't really all that good and that people should stop making a fuss about them?

So I say all the more power to Beiber and those overrated successes that went before him such as the Spice Girls, Harry Potter, Britney Spears, and Roberto Luongo.


  1. I know nothing of this Justin Beiber of whom you speak, other than the name. But I'm in agreement. My favourite kind of celebrity is the talentless one. The ones who used to do game shows when I was a kid, but no other show. The ones who manage to forge a career out of nothing.

  2. I also only recognize the Justin B name and wouldn't pass judgement on him because I don't think I've ever heard one of his songs. The whole " celebrity " thing is crap. There are whole shows about them on TV, something I wasn't aware of until recently. As for the Spice Girls, I thought they were kinda yummy! Harry Potter, ho-hum at best. Brittany Spears, my son many years ago when she first appeared and he was still a teenager summed her up, " Dad, you don't listen to her, you look at her." As for Luongo, I agree he is over-rated, but I'll bet at least 25 NHL teams would straight swap their goalie for him. Cheers, xelA.