Monday, February 1, 2010

Where are All the Small Cars?

There is an epidemic in the parking lots of my hometown. For some reason more and more of the spaces are marked with "small car". And yes the spaces are smaller. Much smaller in fact. What's happening here? Is this phenomenon global or just a local thing?

Increased small spaces would make sense if there were more small cars around. Apparently the owners of the parking lots, mostly shopping malls and other businesses, have not noticed all the large vehicles on the roads these days. I'm all for encouraging smaller cars, but I don't even think this is some kind of social engineering project by the parking lot industry. It just makes no sense.

It would seem that large pick-up truck owners agree with me that this makes no sense because they have taken up the vigilante position of completely ignoring the "small car" signs painted on the ground. In fact they aren't just ignoring "small car", but the lines themselves. They can frequently be seen taking up one and a half of these "small car" spots. Sometimes the SUV and Mini-Van crowds join in on this protest, but the Pick-Ups seem to be more effectively organized in their outrage. No word yet on what stance the Luxury Sedans are taking.


  1. All this crap about cars and driving. Cars suck. I don't want things to be easier for cars and their drivers. I would rather that there were far fewer parking spots for cars of any size, so people would be encouraged to either find other ways of getting to the store OR would simply shop far less often.

    Pipe dreams, I know. But I'm gonna smoke 'em while I got 'em.

  2. Parking is highly subsidized and anti-car people like you pay for this whenever you shop. Maybe not you Dan, as I'm not sure Value Village has a parking lot. However, people shopping at malls pay a little more to pay for all that free parking even if they aren't using it.

    While I'm on the topic of subsidization I wish to thank all the black coffee drinkers out there who help pay for my cream and sugar.

  3. There are more of those small car spaces, but let's face it there are more smaller cars today. Both my vehicles will fit in a small car spot at the West Shore Mall, I admit one is a bit tight. So that's cool with me. And let's face it, "stupid" oh I mean Smart cars weren't around years ago.As for the large pick-ups taking two spaces? With only a few exceptions a prerequisite to owning one of those trucks is being an arsehole, enough said. As for Dan and his car rant? Get serious, the stuff people usually put in pipes might enlighten you as to how naive you are being. Well done Jack, cheers, xelA.

  4. Naive about what, exactly xelA esoR? We aren't gonna be enjoying this life o' Riley forever. Eventually, bicyclists will RULE THE WORLD! Of course, they'll be CHINESE bicyclist, but hey, mark my words!

  5. Yes Dan they probably will rule the world, when our children are our age. Let them worry about that. I prefer to "live in the present" ( I actually have a bumper sticker that says that on the back of my SUV )and not worry or fret about tomorrow. I might add that for 28 of last 30 years I've worked I have ridden my bike to work. Cheers, xelA.

  6. But will our kids even know how to ride bikes when the Chinese take over?

    Serves 'em right, I guess, if they can't see the writing on the wall.