Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slow Down Big Boys

The large SUV is a common sight on our roads. I'm not talking about your regular size SUV that is even more common. I'm talking about the huge ones. Now I have no issue with you or anyone else deciding that the humongous SUV is the vehicle that is right for you. It does make me a little curious, but certainly not annoyed.

Here is what does annoy me. People driving humongous SUV's very fast and aggressively. The things are like damn tanks and it seems so unfair to be driving one with such confidence. A confidence I suspect is borne from the fact they are driving something that is tanklike in nature. So what we've got here is people driving fast because they know that if they hit anything they'll be perfectly fine. What about who they hit? Scary stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Monster SUV drivers are most entertaining, or dangerous, when it snows.They seem to believe that their vehicle won't slip and slide on an icy, snowy road, unlike all other vehicles? I once worked with a woman who had a large SUV, she didn't know it was four wheel drive, what that meant, or how to use it? Cheers, xelA.